Accelerate Muscle Growth with Cyclical Training


Progressive overload has long been regarded as the king of all muscle growth. And this statement is somewhat the truth – in order for a muscle to become larger, it has to get stronger.

But what we must understand is that strength gains are not linear, you can’t just simply keep adding more weight to the bar. If that were the case, we would have people bench pressing thousands of pounds.

For anyone who has 6 months to a year of training their belt, they must have to look for other ways to utilize progressive overload.

Changing variables such as training frequency (how often a muscle is trained), training density (how much work done in a specific time frame), and training intensity (the total load used or effort exerted) are all methods that one can use to consistently make gains.

Cycling these variables with the proper use of exercise programming, sets and rep schemes, and total work volume can seem like a daunting task for someone though.

Well I have great news!!!

Muscle building expert Frank Rich has done all the work for you. Frank is a fitness author, coach, and bodybuilder who has helped men around the world build and sculpt lean aesthetic muscular physiques, including some elite athletes and WWE superstars.

He is now dedicated to helping 100,000 men build and sculpt their greatest physiques. Using Advanced Cyclical Training and his Precision Hypertrophy Principles (PHP), he has designed a way for men to continue to pack on pounds of muscle, month after month, without the use of excessive bulking.

Meaning, you can walk around with a lean aesthetic physique 365 days a year!

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